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Olga Weis

Electronic Systems Technical Specialist

Olga is an internationally certified freelance author who covers tech topics, including computers, technology, Mac software and Apple devices. She is also involved in the development and improvement of projects related to virtual COM ports and working on USB over Ethernet Technology, Embedded Systems and Multimedia Software.

As a continuous contributor, Olga actively participates in discussions on Reddit, StackExchange, Instructables and other technical resources. She loves working with creative people, learning new tools and technologies, and coming up with interesting ideas.
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Dropbox: pros and cons you need to know

With dozens of cloud storage providers available, why choose Dropbox? Learn the Dropbox pros and cons and find out tips and tricks to improve the service.
Aug 11, 2022
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What is Cloud Security? How to Protect Cloud Storage

Without the right security measures, our cloud storage accounts could be vulnerable to unauthorized access. Find out how to improve cloud data safety and keep your valuable data protected.
Jul 22, 2022
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What is Cloud Encryption? Importance, Definition, Best Practices and Methods

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How to Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts from a Single Device

Multiple OneDrive accounts let you handle more than one account at a time. But managing them isn’t always easy. We look at the best tools to handle more than one OneDrive account at a time.
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