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How to Use Multiple Dropbox Accounts

Dropbox is a great cloud service that allows users to host all of their favorite files in the cloud, thus saving space on their devices and ensuring privacy. However, it might become tedious to manage more than one Dropbox account, especially if you are a Mac user. When it comes to the default app that Dropbox has, it can only handle one account. This is why it’s important to know how to use multiple Dropbox accounts and how you can benefit from the multiple cloud storage manager possible, right now on your Mac.


Why use multiple Dropbox accounts?

To answer this question, we need to take a look at the primary reason people use Dropbox in the first place - to save space. Having multiple accounts ensures that you double down on the company’s free cloud space, saving more space on your local hard drive for even more important files.

The second reason why people are eager to use multiple accounts is due to file management. Having one account for photos and a second one for videos is widely used and can help determine exactly where you want to log in. More than this, it can serve as a safety feature too, having all of your private information on a more secure account and then your family photos and ordinary work content on another one.

Overall, there is absolutely no restriction on how many accounts you can create, and having more space is always a great idea. Thankfully, there is a great way how you can manage all of the accounts you create.

How to have multiple Dropbox accounts on one computer?

At this current moment, if you would like to enjoy two dropbox accounts on the same computer, you will have to try a workaround, as the official application does not have multi-user support. The most common practice when wanting to access both accounts on both Windows 10 and macOS is currently to create a new user account and install the Dropbox application there in order to access it.

As you can see, this is a terrible workaround that involves intricate steps and makes it a lot harder for users to access their precious files. Thankfully, there are better methods than creating user accounts and installing an application twice, which take a lot less and make it even easier than using the official app to download, merge, delete, edit and upload files from your computer, all with privacy in mind.

Manage Multiple Dropbox Accounts with CloudMounter


Price: $2999
Free version: Download
Mac App Store version: Available here

CloudMounter is the all-in-one solution for cloud management due to its unique features and the ability to mount any popular cloud service as a local drive. This means that you can find all of your favorite files, movies, videos, and photos directly on your computer, using the Finder app rather than using applications that take a long time to load and don’t allow you to edit your files while they are still in the cloud.

As mentioned above, CloudMounter supports even more cloud services than Dropbox, including Google Drive, Mega, Backblaze B2, Box, Amazon S3, and more. All of these cloud services also benefit from the ability to be mounted as local drives, minimizing issues and saving space. These can all be added onto CloudMounter at any point and can be mounted at the same time. You can even transfer information from Google Drive to Dropbox and then to Amazon S3 if you would like to.


CloudMounter also puts a big price on privacy, allowing you to encrypt all of your files that are going on the cloud and decrypting them as you download them. The encryption technique is a powerful one and ensures that no one but you has access to your files. Hackers and other third parties might have access to your accounts, but they will never be able to decrypt files that were encrypted with CloudMounter. Add a second layer of protection while managing multiple accounts with this wonderful application.

This application allows you to connect to any cloud services in a matter of seconds. Here are the simple steps you must take if you are looking to access multiple dropbox accounts.


Download and install CloudMounter


Open the application

Open the application

Log in with your Dropbox information and add both accounts

Log in with your Dropbox

Click on the ‘Mount’ icon to mount both drives


That’s it! You are now able to enjoy both accounts and access your information via the Finder app.


In the end, you can clearly see how CloudMounter is the perfect solution to the multiple Dropbox accounts issue. Within a couple of seconds, you are able to transfer files between the accounts and onto your computer, without any complicated methods that involve creating user accounts or installing an application twice. Moreover, CloudMounter works with multiple cloud services, at the same time and keeps your files private.

When using CloudMounter, you can use multiple Dropbox accounts on your Macbook in a matter of seconds. Simply install the application, add the accounts and mount them as a local drive. This way, you can access them directly on your computer and minimize the errors and the slow transfer rates.
As long as you have installed CloudMounter, you can rest assured that you can manage both Dropbox accounts at the same time. Log in with your Dropbox accounts and click on the ‘Mount’ button to manage both accounts at the same time.
CloudMounter supports an unlimited amount of accounts when it comes to mounting your cloud services as a local drive. You should be able to load all the accounts and have access to your information immediately after that.
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