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Mount cloud storage as a local drive on Windows

CloudMounter is of great help to owners of laptops with low-capacity SSDs. You can outsource your files and documents to the most popular cloud services.

Mount cloud accounts as a local drive to your PC without having to save cloud files on your computer. Easily work with all online files the very same way you would work with local ones. Manage one of your Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV, and Amazon S3 accounts. Furthermore, CloudMounter offers support for FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols for an all-round service.

PC meet cloud drives

Use CloudMounter to Add an Online Storage Solution as Network Drive

CloudMounter’s versatility is expanded by the ability to mount various cloud storage solutions as a network drive on your computer. Access the supported cloud storages and web services right from File Explorer, with no need to install separate native cloud clients or access the corresponding web client whenever you need to upload or download something.




Google Drive

Google Drive


Microsoft OneDrive

Amazon S3

Amazon S3



Mount cloud drive as a local disk on Windows

Mount cloud storage as a local drive for the easiest access from your PC. Connect and upload files to the supported cloud storages and web services from File Explorer, as if just copying and moving files locally on your computer. CloudMounter is a great utility that will make life a lot easier for many PC owners! Moreover, many users of corporate cloud systems will have a huge advantage without cluttering their drives with a huge amount of network storage.

Key characteristics of CloudMounter for Windows

CloudMounter is a highly reliable and safe utility that builds a solid bridge between your computer and your cloud storage or web service.

This app allows you not only to download and upload files but also to immediately open any files supported by your OS directly from an online disk without first copying them to your computer.
File Status

Regular updates

CloudMounter team always works on new ideas and implements them in regular new versions. Our goal is to make a top-notch solution that will meet all the requirements of our users and make any cloud storage and web service accessible for Windows users right from File Explorer.

Integration with File Explorer

CloudMounter offers sleek integration with File Explorer, with the ability to display the file status and progress of ongoing uploads.

Thanks to File Explorer integration, mapping cloud storage to the PC like a regular drive is done in a couple of clicks and allows working with online files as with local ones.

Secure Your Cloud Storages

Cloud data security is a burning issue for most users, as no one wants their personal data to be revealed to the public. CloudMounter allows encrypting supported cloud storages and web services with the AES256 encryption algorithm. Add an extra layer of protection to your files and stay calm knowing that your network cloud drives are totally protected.
Dropbox File
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FTP File
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Amazon S3
Google Drive File
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Google Drive
OneDrive File
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Microsoft OneDrive
Encrypt data

Add more space to your Windows HDD

With CloudMounter, you get instant access to the cloud files without having to store them on your hard drive. Thanks to this Windows cloud drive management software, you can save precious space on your hard drive, as while using the app, you do not need to synchronize or copy files from your cloud accounts to your computer.

All cloud services at your fingertips

CloudMounter is the perfect assistant that connects your computer with multiple cloud storages and web services so that you can work with the files stored online in the same manner you do with the local ones. Forget about using a bunch of different apps, as CloudMounter substitutes them all. The app perfectly handles working with the most popular cloud storages and web services.
CloudMounter for Windows
CloudMounter for Windows is fully compatible with Win 7 SP1 and newer. Requires 28.34MB of free space, latest version 2.3.1860. Released 17 Apr, 2024.

Overall rating 4.8
based on 255 reviews
Also available for Mac
CloudMounter is also available for macOS. Mount cloud storages and remote servers as network drives.