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CloudMounter – SFTP Client for Mac

If you’re looking for reliable software to connect to an SFTP server and access the data stored there, CloudMounter should be your first stop. Not only that you get easy access to your online data, but CloudMounter also comes with Finder integration, improved security, and offers support for a wide range of online storage solutions as well.

Handle all your cloud data as if it was saved on local drives by mounting it with CloudMounter. Then, you can rapidly create, modify, delete, rename, download and upload files. Bring FTP or SFTP servers, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Dropbox together with this software.

Available for both Apple Apple silicon andIntel

Additional Protection of Online Data

With CloudMounter, every file on your SFTP server gets an extra layer of protection. Through state-of-the-art encryption protocols, the app makes sure your data is kept safe when mounted on your computer.
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Encrypt data
SFTP Client

SFTP Client for Mac

If you use CloudMounter, you’ll improve data access and management for all your remotely-stored files and folders. Specifically talking about SFTP servers, you will have Finder integration for quickly locating everything. Furthermore, since the server is mounted as a network drive on your Mac, the transfer speed is a lot better and it applies to FTP servers as well.

Protocol support

With CloudMounter you get full support for SFTP servers and the ability to easily mount them on your computer. But the good news doesn't end there - FTP and FTPS servers are also supported.

As Many SFTP Servers as You Need

Using our SFTP client Mac software brings you all the freedom you need to manage data as you see fit. You can mount countless SFTP and FTP servers and switch data from one to another easily. So, no limitations when it comes to how many servers you mount to get the best results.
Integration into Native macOS File System
With CloudMounter you will never have to worry about giving permissions or using anything as an Administrator like you would do on a Mac operating system. CloudMounter guarantees seamless integration and data management including Finder integration in a very friendly interface. Furthermore, our app offers support for macOS Keychain for ease of access and password management.
Why Are Users so Pleased by CloudMounter

More than a tool that allows users to transfer and manage data stored online, CloudMounter adds security and versatility to the entire process. It makes use of the latest encryption protocol available to keep all the data safe. Also, with CloudMounter you can be sure of optimal technical support when needed, as well as constant updates to improve the app.

Manage Passwords through Keychain

The integration with macOS Keychain ensures all your passwords are quickly accessible and kept safe from other individuals. All credentials are passed through encrypted channels only.

Complete Integration with Finder

Another top advantage of using CloudMounter as your SFTP client comes from the full integration with Finder. You no longer have to go through outdated interfaces or face huge load times. A quick search in Finder will get you to all your data in a matter of minutes.

Lots of Improvements

Even though CloudMounter has lots of features as it is, the team of developers is constantly working to improve its functionality. Aspects such as improving existing connections, adding new connections are assessed and the best solutions are always taken into consideration.

How to Use CloudMounter – a Reliable SFTP Client for Mac

You’ve had the chance to get information on how CloudMounter helps you access data stored on SFTP servers securely and through a friendly interface. So, it’s about time you enjoy this step-by-step guide on how to use our software:


Download and install the CloudMounter program.


Run CloudMounter and choose FTP & SFTP from the list of connections directory.

choose the corresponding icon

In the new windows, fill in the following data:

  1. The connection name
  2. Connection method – SFTP
  3. Server Address
  4. Port
  5. Username and Password

Choose the desired connection mode – passive or active.


Set the remote path for the SFTP server.


Press on Mount.

Frequently Asked Questions
CloudMounter is currently the best-performing SFTP client for Mac. Its Finder integration, multiple connections supported, and the Keychain support make it the best choice.
The manual process of enabling an SFTP server on Mac is quite complicated and you need coding knowledge to get it done. It involves SSH values and setting up a remote server in macOS. That’s why we recommend using CloudMounter to easily connect SFTP servers to your Mac and transfer data.
If you’re looking for a native File Transfer Protocol client for macOS, you might be disappointed by what you’ll find. Instead, users that want a reliable and easy-to-use FTP client Mac tool have CloudMounter. An app that works on a wide range of operating systems, including macOS.

List of Supported Services

On top of delivering exceptional services as an SFTP and FTP client for Mac, the software is excellent at connecting the most popular cloud storage service and remote servers. So, besides being the best FTP client for Mac, you can count on CloudMounter to mount Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and OneDrive storage among others.






Google Drive

Google Drive



Amazon S3

Amazon S3





Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2



CloudMounter pCloud connection


What customers say
    I’ve regularly used ExpanDrive and the native Mac client from Google, until recently. CloudMounter is simply the best of both worlds.
    Steve Harman


This FTP client for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 and later. Requires 57.46MB of free space, latest version 4.7(1404). Released 11 Jul, 2024.

4.8 rank based on 436+ users, Reviews (255)
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