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Reliable WebDAV client – CloudMounter

Experience better interoperability with files stored on WebDAV servers thanks to our WebDAV client – CloudMounter. Benefit from all features and have even more convenient online file management. Easily move, edit, upload, delete, or copy files between WebDAV servers.

Yoo-hoo! CloudMounter runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!


Map WebDAV to your computer

Connect to a remote WebDAV server via CloudMounter to gain total control over your online files. Map WebDAV as a local drive and edit, copy, move, browse, delete files, etc. with ease.

Numerous connections

CloudMounter allows mounting multiple WebDAV accounts at the same time to your computer and facilitates your workflow with no need to save data on your computer.

Access files from different servers

Handle files stored on different servers from one spot. Move them around without copying them to your computer. Save precious space for more important data.
Finder Integration
Establish a WebDAV connection via CloudMounter and work with your online files as you would with your local ones. Thanks to seamless integration into the native macOS file manager, dealing with online files is super easy and fast. Another great plus is the ability to work offline with the selected files, so you can stay productive regardless of the Internet connection.

Why users decide on CloudMounter

CloudMounter is not only a handy WebDAV client Mac solution but also perfectly works with a great variety of other cloud storages and web services. In addition, the app reduces the risks of keeping sensitive data online to minimum thanks to the encryption feature.

macOS Keychain support

Your personal information is securely protected in our WebDAV client. When logging in to your online accounts, your passwords are sent to the servers through encrypted channels as they are stored in macOS Keychain.

Finder Integration support

Mount your various cloud accounts in Finder’s sidebar, where they can be accessed and worked with as if they are your local drives. Work more conveniently with your online files.

More cloud storages

A better quality product is our main goal, that’s why we never stop improving CloudMounter by adding more cloud storage services to the list and expanding CloudMounter’s features. More cloud services will be added in the near future.

How to mount WebDAV as a local drive

Seamless work with the files stored on the WebDAV server is possible via CloudMounter. To mount a WebDAV server as a drive follow the steps below:


Download and launch CloudMounter on your computer.


Add a new WebDAV connection by clicking the corresponding icon.


In the invoked window choose the connection name, paste a WebDAV URL, and indicate your account username and password.

New connection window

Click Mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

WebDAV client establishes a connection between users and a web server so they can upload and download files. With the help of WebDAV clients, users can edit and collaborate on files on a WebDAV server.
Remote access via WebDAV is comparable in security to user password-based VPN access. The only difference is the increased attack surface of WebDAV due to the open port 443. The best way to provide additional protection for any type of Web connection is to require client certificates along with password authentication.
The most convenient way to connect to a WebDAV server is to use CloudMounter. The app has a harmonious integration into Finder, allowing it to deal with WebDAV server as with a local drive for more efficient file management.

All supported services

CloudMounter allows you to seamlessly mount WebDAV and supports all popular cloud storages and other web services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Box, FTP, SFTP, and much more.

Protect Cloud Storages and Web Services

Increase the security of your online accounts and remote servers. Encrypt files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP/WebDAV servers, and way more. Have all your files thoroughly protected.
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Amazon S3
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What customers say
    I’ve regularly used ExpanDrive and the native Mac client from Google, until recently. CloudMounter is simply the best of both worlds.
    Steve Harman


This WebDAV client for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 and later. Requires 56.97MB of free space, latest version 4.5(1206). Released 25 Mar, 2024.

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CloudMounter for Windows
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