Cloud computing security and data encryption on remote servers

With CloudMounter accessing various cloud storages and web servers on Mac is elegantly easy. CloudMounter keeps your online data solidly protected. Get the most out of Dropbox encryption, Amazon S3 encryption, FTP encryption as well as Google Drive, OneDrive and WebDAV servers.

You can encrypt all files you need

Your cloud and remote server files are absolutely protected with CloudMounter encryption functionality. You can tune the data encryption and secure remote servers and cloud accounts, so that they can only be accessed from your instance of CloudMounter.

The encryption works that way that if someone somehow obtains the access to your storages from a different device, they will only see a confusing non-sense.


CloudMounter data-encryption screenshot

Other app/device

CloudMounter encrypted files

Smoothly integrating with Finder

Not only your multiple Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts are easy to access and work with, but also you don't even have to leave the oh-so-familiar Finder to work with online and remote files.

Usage of Keychain

CloudMounter works perfectly well with macOS Keychain and all your personal data is securely kept there.

Multiple accounts

You can connect to as many accounts of each supported service as you may need. This "expands" your disk space tremendously.

More space to your disk

All you need to free lots of room on your hard drive is Internet connection to access your clouds and remote servers.

All supported services

OpenStack Swift

Microsoft OneDrive


Google Drive

Amazon S3






This all-in-one cloud manager for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 38.9MB free space, latest version 3.5.584. Released 19th Sep, 2019.

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