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Recent reviews

"Easily access Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive through a single Mac icon".
J.R. Bookwalter,
"CloudMounter really surprised me, and I can’t imagine not using it."
James Dempsey,
"Mount cloud storage as local drive on Mac! CloudMounter is great!"
"If you have multiple cloud services, the Electronic Team app will make your life and workflow simpler."
Dennis Sellers,
"All the available connections are controlled through the same app, and you get to access and manage the content by using the Finder. Bottom line, you get to save up both desktop space and processing resources."
Iulia Ivan,
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This all-in-one cloud manager for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 and later. Requires 57.03MB of free space, latest version 4.6(1312). Released 5 Jun, 2024.

Overall rating 4.8
based on 255 reviews
CloudMounter featured in App Store
CloudMounter for Windows
You can now mount your multiple cloud storages as local disks on your PC too.