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Dropbox Encryption Software for Mac – CloudMounter

Boost the security of your Dropbox account using the best cloud encryption software around – CloudMounter. With it, you will be able to mount Dropbox on your Mac and use it as a network drive with full data encryption. This means you will always be sure to enjoy secure access and even manage all your files and folders through the Finder proprietary service. Start enjoying a better experience when using Dropbox right now!
Available for both Apple Apple silicon andIntel

Better Security with Dropbox Encryption

Dropbox has its own security protocols that are meant to keep your data safe while it’s online. However, with several safety issues experienced by Dropbox over the years, it’s a good idea to add an extra layer of protection. Using CloudMounter you will enjoy the same top-level safety for your data when the files are on your Mac. A unique encryption key is used to make the files and folders unreadable to other users.

Mount as Network Disk

Different from how you’d use Dropbox originally, CloudMounter won’t require you to save the content locally and in the cloud as well. Since the cloud drive is mounted as a local disk, you will save lots of disk space.

Cloud encryption

Thanks to the top-level encryption offered by CloudMounter, you will be protected even during file transfer. Your Dropbox account becomes untouchable.

Choose Who Gets Access

Thanks to the unique encryption key, only users that you choose to have the decryption key can access the content.


Encrypted file transfer

Other app/device

Dropbox encryption

What Makes CloudMounter the Best Choice for Dropbox Encryption?

There are plenty of reasons why CloudMounter represents the best solution to encrypt your Dropbox account. Also, on top of the ones described below, our developers are constantly working to add even more benefits.

Top Privacy Standards

CloudMounter is firstly focusing on privacy. All your data is only used to get you into the account and provide top security. Also, all your login date is stored in the Mac OS Keychain so nobody can ever access it.

Find Dropbox Files through Finder

It’s now easier than ever to access various online content through Finder since CloudMounter adds the cloud service as a network drive on your Mac. Also, modifying the contents of your Dropbox when mounted means instant sync.

Long List of Cloud Services

As promised, there’s a lot more functionality for CloudMounter than Dropbox security. It will soon allow iCloud integration and many more benefits!

If Dropbox is Private, Why Should You Encrypt Dropbox Folders?

Indeed, Dropbox is private and comes with some security protocols of its own. However, you don’t have to dig deep to discover a lot of issues with their safety systems. That’s why you should always add another layer of security to your content stored on Dropbox using CloudMounter.

Also, even if Dropbox is private, there’s nothing guaranteeing you protection while the files are downloaded on your Mac or during the download. CloudMounter, with its top-class AES 256-bit key encryption, ensures all your data is safely stored no matter if it’s kept in the cloud or mounted on your Mac.

Furthermore, when you use CloudMounter you get much more functionality than just encryption Dropbox. You also get the ability to mount cloud services as network drives to easily navigate them through Finder. This is a great plus that helps you to rapidly identify the files you need to download or modify and get the job done faster.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Encrypt Dropbox with CloudMounter

Having established that CloudMounter is the best app to encrypt your Dropbox file(s) and folders, it’s time to check out the steps you need to follow to make sure all your content is protected. Even though the app comes with a very friendly user interface and is really easy to use, we’ve put together these simple steps for you:


Download the app from the official website and install it on your Mac.


Run CloudMounter and select Dropbox in the new connection dialog.

The new connection dialog

Follow the instructions to link Dropbox with CloudMounter.


Right-click on the newly-added Dropbox account and then select the “Encrypt” option (encrypted Dropbox folder is supported, however individual files can’t be encrypted).

The new connection dialog

To complete the Encryption process, you need to select and verify a password. Make sure to note this password down as you won’t be able to recover it. Tick the boxes if you want to add the password to the Keychain, encrypt the file names as well, or just encrypt the new files.


Click once more on “Encrypt” and the process is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dropbox is a file hosting and sharing service that can be used for file synchronization as well as personal cloud and client services.
Despite being an excellent app, Dropbox had several security breaches over the years. This made lots of users having trouble trusting the app. That’s why it’s best to use CloudMounter to make sure your folders are encrypted and safe.
CloudMounter is the most popular app to encrypt Dropbox since it offers top-quality 256-bit encryption as well as the possibility to mount Dropbox as a network drive. Furthermore, other cloud services can be used through CloudMounter.
It’s not 100% sure that you’re the only one seeing your Dropbox content when using the service without an extra protection layer. The company was accused on multiple occasions that they allow access to government agencies to private content. So, if you want to be the only one seeing what’s on your Dropbox account, you’d better use CloudMounter right now.
You can do so with the help of CloudMounter. On top of delivering top-level encryption services, this app enables you to add Dropbox as a network drive and use Finder to easily locate and modify the content.

Other Cloud and Web Servers You Can Encrypt with CloudMounter

Top cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 or OneDrive can be easily encrypted with CloudMounter. Also, you can rapidly add FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers with this software.






Google Drive

Google Drive



Amazon S3

Amazon S3





Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2



CloudMounter pCloud connection



This all-in-one cloud manager for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 and later. Requires 57.46MB of free space, latest version 4.7(1404). Released 11 Jul, 2024.

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CloudMounter for Windows
You can now mount your multiple cloud storages as local disks on your PC too.