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Compare CloudMounter VS Rclone

Information management has become a challenge for users and companies due to a need to increase storage space. In response to this need, cloud services have emerged, which help us store the data we need quickly and easily. The cloud gives users the opportunity to store information from a laptop or mobile phone on platforms owned by large companies such as Google or Amazon. That's why you won't need to use your own hard drive.

Requirements: macOS 10.12 + / Windows 7 SP1 and newer
Cloud management: key points and top tools

But what do you do when you have more than one cloud storage service and are looking to manage both? You use an app that can manage all of your favorite platforms in one place. Today we’re going to review and compare two of the most popular Mac and Windows applications: CloudMounter vs Rclone. Applications have fundamentally different interfaces, while both support similar operations.


CloudMounter is the cloud storage manager, available on Mac and Windows that aims to help users access their files directly from their computer. The main feature that the app promotes is that you can mount cloud storage as local drive, therefore allowing the possibility of accessing your files directly from your computer. Mac users can even use Finder to find their files directly from the search bar instead of navigating directly to the partition.

This powerful application comes with a slick and easy to user interface and can support all of your favorite cloud storage services. Some of the most popular choices are: Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV, FTP, Mega, Backblaze B2 and Amazon S3.

Main benefits

  • You can use CloudMounter as a way to increase space on your device, by synchronizing your files with the cloud.
  • Due to its privacy feature, you can choose to encrypt your files before being uploaded into the cloud. This way, you will ensure that your precious documents, photos or videos are kept safe from the hands of malicious hackers.
  • By choosing to access your cloud files instead of your local ones, you are also improving your devices performance and ensuring its longevity.

Did we also mention that you can mount different drives and multi-task your cloud experience to the next level? While CloudMounter is not free, it does come with a testing period where users can experiment with the features. The price matches the great user experience and the fact that the app is constantly being updated.


Price: US$44.99
Free version: Download
Mac App Store version: Available here
CloudMounter alternative


This open-source FTP client alternative which is also available for Linux, BSD and Solaris and is more of a power-user of CloudMounter. The first thing you will notice when opening up Rclone is that it does not have an interface, except it works as a command line program that will help you access cloud stored files and manage them.

Whether you are looking to backup, restore, mirror, migrate or mount devices, Rclone will help you achieve that and even more.

Main benefits

  • Rclone is an open-source command line computer program. Users can tinker around with the source code and enable even more functionality and features.
  • Currently, there are over 40 supported cloud services and the list is still expanding. Some of the most used are: Dropbox, Amazon S3, 1Fichier, FTP, Google Cloud Storage and Drive, Google Photos, HTTP, pCloud, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2 and Alibaba Cloud.
  • Rclone is absolutely free (you can choose to donate if you enjoyed this FTP client and its many features it provides).

If you would like an interface, you can find plenty online as third-party developers are always working around the clock on improving the platform and making it as easier as possible for new users.


Feature comparison CloudMounter vs Rclone

# Features CloudMounter Rclone
1 Synchronize Cloud
2 File-sync
3 WebDAV Support
4 Azure Support
5 Backing Up Files
7 Dropbox
8 FTP Client
9 Google Drive
10 Google Photos
The Verdict

While both applications are great and can be enjoyed on a Macbook or windows-based computer, it does not need an expert eye to tell that one is destined towards more accustomed users and the other one is far easier to use. Rclone is the best solution if you are looking for third-party applications that are open-source, where you can tinker with the code and customize your experience as much as you can. If you are comfortable with a GUI and are not looking for shortcuts, you might be better off with it.

For those who value their time more and are looking to get the best bang for their buck, CloudMounter is the better solution. If cloud security is a concern and easy to access is a must then you should give it a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions
Rclone can help you backup (and encrypt) files into the cloud, restore them and decrypt them automatically, mirror cloud data to other services, migrate data from a cloud to another and even mount multiply, encrypted storage spaces on your local computer. Unionizing files and analyzing your account is also possible due to its open-source nature.
CloudMounter functions as a safe alternative to any FTP client out there or cloud management app. You simply have to download the app, log-in with your credentials on your favorite cloud services and you will be able to mount as drive any drive you want.
While there is no all-in-one compact app, both apps appeal to different target markets. Your safest choice when it comes to choosing between CloudMounter and Rclone is going for the easier and more complete option which is CloudMounter.
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  • Requirements: Mac (Mac OS X) macOS 10.12 49.65MB of free space.
  • Version 3.11.698. (). Release notes
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Also available for Windows