CloudMounter for K-12 education segment
Simplify cloud computing in education sector

Have seamless access to all your online educational information by mounting multiple cloud storages to your PC. Handle your online accounts right from Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

Facilitate the learning process at K-12 school system with the help of CloudMounter

Meet developing educational needs by implementing cloud computing in education sector

Elementary (Primary) Schools

Cloud is the future of modern online K-12 schools. CloudMounter excellently fits into a cloud Elementary School environment solving learning issues in a matter of time and making the learning process easier.

Secondary Education

School in the cloud is the most talked-about trend nowadays. CloudMounter helps students of secondary school to optimize the organization of online educational files and minimize workload efficiently.

School Districts

The impact of cloud computing technologies on school districts is rather significant. Organize the learning process of students taking into account modern primary, middle school or high school requirements.

Numerous clouds and accounts within reach

Make the work with clouds easier for any user no matter if he/she is from primary school or high school. Have flawless access to all online accounts directly from Finder, File Manager or Explorer.

OpenStack Swift

Microsoft OneDrive


Google Drive

Amazon S3






Additional security of your data

With the help of our online education solution, you can provide additional protection and strength your data security knowing that none of the third parties could read it even if they gained access to your machine.


CloudMounter data-encryption screenshot

Other app/device

CloudMounter encrypted files

Extra space for educational information

While using CloudMounter no synchronization of data between your computer and the cloud is occurred. Work with your online files in the cloud and save your SSD/HHD space for even more educational material.

Cross-platform solution for education sector

CloudMounter is available for different operating systems, namely Windows, Linux, and macOS. It doesn’t matter which OS teachers or students have, as they can choose whatever they need.

User-friendly experience for students

Easy work with cloud storages without constant log into accounts and switching from one provider to another. CloudMounter allows working with online accounts the same way as with your local drives.

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