CloudMounter for Higher Education
Make cloud computing in education easier

Connect numerous cloud storages to your computer and have all your online education files within your fingertips. Have seamless access to your accounts directly from Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

Solve learning issues in
Higher Education with CloudMounter

Keep up with the times implementing cloud computing in education process


CloudMounter fits perfectly inside higher education environment ensuring easy and secure work across material and helping students be more efficient and productive.


Qualitatively different level of obtaining modern knowledge - students get the opportunity to be in the learning process at any time and in any place where there is the Internet.

Career and Technical Institutions

Make it possible to organize educational activities of students in accordance with modern higher education requirements and taking into account the effectiveness of innovative technologies.

Multiple storages and multiple accounts

If you are using several cloud storages, accounts or shared folders and are tired of constant use of dozens of apps, with our cloud education service you can easily get access to all cloud storages whether they are public or private as well as multiple accounts from one single spot.

OpenStack Swift

Microsoft OneDrive


Google Drive

Amazon S3






Encryption for better security

If several users use one computer, the best way to protect private data from unwanted access is to use encryption. Our online education solution encrypts files in such a way that even if someone gained access to your account, all the stored information will be presented in a chaotic way making it totally protected.


CloudMounter data-encryption screenshot

Other app/device

CloudMounter encrypted files

Save disk space or get more free space from the cloud

The key factor is that CloudMounter doesn’t synchronize data with your local computer during the work with clouds, so you can view, edit, delete, create files directly in the cloud. It’s rather helpful when dealing with large multimedia files, a course of video lectures, presentations, or other educational video materials.

Access from different desktop operating systems

CloudMounter is a cross-platform cloud manager that is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Students can choose the one that suits them the most, depending on which operating system Higher Education Institutions use.

Сreate positive user experiences for students

There is no need to constantly log in to work with files, as our cloud university tool allows working with the chosen cloud as with a local disk. Thanks to seamless integration in Finder, Explorer, and File Manager, you can simply use drag-and-drop to upload/download files.

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