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Are there any peculiarities of using encryption in CloudMounter?

Please keep in mind the following factors while using the encryption feature in CloudMounter:

1. Enabling the encryption globally in the app's preferences or for the specific type of connection may negatively influence the display speed of the directories' content, even if they do not have any encrypted data. So, we highly recommend turning this feature off for the drives where it is not expected to be utilized or disable it entirely if it will not be used at all.

2. It is not possible to:

  • create new files/folders and change the name of the existing ones in the locked directory. However, the locked directory and its content can be deleted.
  • move files and folders from/to the encrypted (locked) directories to/from the unencrypted ones (or encrypted with a different password).
  • encrypt a directory if it contains a sub-directory already encrypted with a different password.
  • encrypt a directory of a higher level without the "Encrypt file names" option, if the encrypted sub-directory has this option enabled, even when the same password is used.

3. The password is removed from the Keychain when the encrypted folder is locked. It is restored back when the folder is unlocked (in case the password was added to the Keychain in the first place).

4. The content of the directory can be accessed in read mode only, while the encryption/decryption process is in progress.

5. If the encryption process is halted, the directory will be partly encrypted and unlocked.

6. If the decryption process is halted, the directory will be partly unencrypted and locked.

Note: In both cases for p.5 and p.6, the contents of the directory will remain undamaged. To fix such an issue, simply restart the encryption process.

7. If the encrypted directory gets locked during the copy process, part of its content may not be visible when the folder is unlocked. To fix this issue, please eject and mount the drive anew.